Company Profile

Today C. Lund & Son Ltd is a substantial and diverse construction company. C. Lund & Son Ltd is financially independent and strong. Our head office is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

C. Lund & Son Ltd has regularly demonstrated through negotiated and tendered work that as main contractors and builders we can provide the best value and performance to our clients.  Our building and management teams are innovative, experienced and motivated to achieve the best results for their contracts.   


Unlike most construction companies today C. Lund & Son Ltd maintains the resources to support their own building teams which have a full range of skills across all areas of building and construction. This has allowed us to strengthen our commercial construction capabilities and secure larger and larger contracts. We deliver high quality workmanship with certainty of time and cost.


Effective Management 

We are primarily builders and our companies success rests with the effective management not just of contracts as a whole but also of all our building staff and resources. The key to a successful conclusion to any project is achieving the earliest possible completion to structural work. A early completion to the structure of a project means that services and finishing subtrades can be correctly sequenced and completed in good time. Quality of finishes are not compromised. High standards that will be enjoyed by everyone involved for the lifetime of the building are achieved.


Our Divisions 

C. Lund & Son Ltd can achieve this as they have in-house capability to carry out:



 all concrete construction


 craneage for on site construction

 work and precast installation


 all building and carpentry work


 manufacture of precast


 manufacture of joinery


 heritage buildings strengthening and   repair

These divisions are supported by a modern technical drawing office which provides workshop drawings and technical support. The process of providing workshop drawings is thorough and detailed. Construction methods are finalised. It enables us to plan ahead and be innovative. It ensures prefabricated components arrive to site correct and that they can be placed in position in the best possible time. The benefits on site that can be realised are substantial. It takes accuracy, attention to detail, team work and well resourced well organised building teams. It leads to quick and efficient construction.


C. Lund & Son Ltd promotes quality and excellence in building and construction. Their entire approach focuses on good workmanship, building it right first time and certainty of time and costs.


C. Lund & Son Ltd. Building is our strength.


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